Gel Coat
RAYPLEX makes Color Matching Easy



Matching Tips
Over the years we have found that most off-white start with a base of OXIDE and then have a slight amount of brown or black added.
As gelcoat gets older it fades.  It's not unusual to find a 10 year old boat that has faded to 5 different colors. (RE: deck, transom, interior, port side, and starboard side.)  Different amount of sunlight caused the fading to happen.

Later this year Rayplex will be offering Color specific GelCoat Repair Kits
The following Kits Colors:
Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Orange, Brown and Black.

Place chart on gelcoat to be matched. next start adding a few drops of pigment. Check mix and repeat until desired colour is achieved.
Just add between 1 and 50 Drops.
These pigments change the color very gradually.  This gives you very accurate control.


The kit contains:
250ml Gelcoat, Catalyst (hardener), 4 Pigments (Reddish Brown, Carbon Black, Iron Oxide Yellow, Chrome Yellow), 2 Pair Latex Gloves, 2 Mixing sticks, 2 Paper mixing cups, 1 sheet Mylar, Colour Chart, and Instruction sheet


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