RayBuff Instructions


Instructions for using Ray Buff compound polishes


Buffing your boat is often considered a job  people dislike. However, it can be fun and rewarding. Please follow all the steps listed below since it will make it easier and your reward will be a beautiful boat with a showroom shine. Have fun and enjoy your boat.

 1. First, determine if you need to use Ray Buff 100 or Ray Buff 200. The easiest way to do this is to take a wet sponge and wipe a spot on the hull. If you find lots of white residue (severe oxidation) on the sponge you should use Ray Buff 100 - a fast cutting compound. If there is only a slight amount of residue use the finer buffing compound, Ray Buff 200

 2. Next, wash the area to be buffed thoroughly. Any boat soap can be used as long as it is non-streaking and leaves no residue after cleaning. Dishwashing soap is excellent and is also economical. To remove black marks, waterline stains, rust and any other marks, something stronger may be required. It is important to remove these stains as any stain or dirt will be buffed into the gel coat.

 3. Our compounds should be applied with a damp application pad, brush or cloth. Apply only a light coat, and only do several square feet at one time.

 4 . Mist area lightly with water prior to the next step.

 5. We recommend that a 100% wool pad be used with the Ray Buff 100. When using Ray Buff 200, a 100% lamb’s wool pad or a combination of lambs wool and synthetic fiber should be used.  

6. Immediately after misting, buff the area with a clean buffing pad on a rotary buffing machine with at least 2500 rpm. Unfortunately, an orbital polisher will not give the best results. The compounds should be kept moist while buffing. If the compound becomes dry mist with water and dampen buffing pad. If you’re not sure if the compound is damp enough, it is best to mist more than to buff the compound dry. When using the buffer, tilt the buffer slightly, and move in a circular pattern while applying moderate pressure.

 7. Wipe down the area that has been buffed with a soft cloth to remove any remaining compound. The area is now ready to be waxed for added protection.

 8. You can now begin waxing to protect that showroom shine you have been able to achieve with our compounds. We recommend a good 100% carnauba wax or a wax that contains no additional cleaners. The carnauba wax will give a long lasting shine to protect against acid rain, sun, salt spray and other environmental acids.

 It's now time to step back, see the fruits of your labor, and be proud of your boat with that new showroom shine finish. Congratulations on a job well done!




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