These videos show a wet / damaged rudder being checked.
Watch the needle and listen as the meter gets closer to the "drain" hole and damaged areas.





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#1 Mistake
in Buying a Used Boat
Soggy Cores - Wet Laminates can be a
Costly Repair Later

Avoid Buyer's Remorse

Test hard to reach areas.
Like its’ namesake, the Dolphin Moisture Meter is equipped with an audio indicator which emits beeps to communicate the presence of moisture, facilitating use in hard to reach areas. A side mounted jack allows the use of headphones in noisy environments. Results are displayed in an easy to understand analogue readout.

Read 1", 2.54 cm.  depth.
For your next boat or personal watercraft, the Dolphin Moisture Meter is useful in detecting water ingress, allowing for timely maintenance and avoidance of major deterioration and expense. The Dolphin will provide accurate readings to a depth of 2.54cm (1”) in fiberglass.

In use for over a decade, moisture meters were originally designed for use on wood but they are equally valued for measuring the moisture content of man-made wood composites as well as fiberglass, concrete and brickwork.

Results you can understand.
Results are displayed in an easy to understand analogue readout. The scale reads from 0 to 30% water content.

No guessing the scale is color coded.
Green-     Dry
-   Moist
Red -        Wet

While having diverse practical applications for the individual, the moisture meter has become the favorite tool of boat owners, marine surveyors and building inspectors. Use of the meter, in conjunction with background knowledge of the various laminate materials, cores and processing methods, can enable the boat owner or marine surveyor to make a sound assessment of the moisture status of a craft from the hull to the decks.

Home inspection (find leaks behind walls).
A building inspector or any individual is able to assess the moisture content of drywall, plaster, plywood or any wood-pulp based product by following the included instructions for finding the density of the item being tested. Water leaks or ingress can also be detected in concrete and brickwork, ceramic tiling and roofing, providing vital information to a potential home buyer or a homeowner wishing to do the appropriate maintenance.

Complete package.
The Dolphin Moisture Meter is shipped with detailed instructions booklet and calibration plate.

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