How to Videos on YouTube

Fibreglass Basics  Learn all the tricks of the trade from a 40 year veteran.
                                   Learn how to gel coat, get the air out of a laminate, which is the proper roller for the job.  (37 minutes)

Mould Making  Gary Murcot will walk you through the step by step process for creating a fibreglass hulled model boat.
                                  You can then use these same principles to create your own project.  (35 minutes)

EC Cutter    Watch the EC Cutter electric scissors in action.  Cut Kevlar, Matt, Carbon Firbre and Glass cloth.  (17 minutes)

Kevlar cutting   See how to use a variety of tools to cut Kevlar fabric.  (4 minutes)

Composite cutting  See how to cut a wide range of composite fabrics using common and advanced tools.  (4 minutes)